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These dogs are all currently in Santa Rosa, CA. If you are interested in one of the dogs below, email us or call us at 707-703-4129

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  • Camila

    Camila is a beautifull young Boxer/Lab mix who charms everyone she meets. She's very friendly and outgoing, with an incredibly sweet disposition. This darling girl is quite the find. She is great with other dogs and kids. She spent some time in a foster home and is both potty trained and crate trained. Camila is a fabulous dog who is going to make some lucky adopter very happy!

    Age: 10 months
    Weight: 30 lbs

  • Patricio - Adoption Pending

    Sweet Patricio is a gorgeous, young Belgain Malinois and Aussie cross that has a heartbreaking tale of being rescued from an abuse case in Mexico. Despite this tragic background, Patricio is very forgiving of people and has boundless amounts of love to give. He is very smart and eager to please. Patricio needs an experienced adopter who can make him feel safe and loved, and provide the training and guidance he needs to reach his full potential. He desperately wants to be your ‘one and only’ and will thrive in a home without dogs or cats (unless you have a super savvy alpha cat). Patricio loves hiking, trips to the beach, playing ball and best of all…meeting new people. Patricio will make someone a wonderful companion. We know there’s a bright future for Patricio and looking for that special someone to share it with him.

    Age: 1 year
    Weight: 50lbs

  • Chili

    This little pint-sized charmer is an absolute delight! Chili is a Chihuahua mix and she is overflowing with love.  She has quite the ‘Cinderella’ story.  Chili was left outside our clinic in Mexico in a styrofoam cooler.  Her skin was in terrible shape and clearly her family loved her but didn’t have the resources to take care of her medical needs.  We gave Chili all the medical care she needed and now she’s healthy and beautiful.  It was quite a transformation.  Now she’s a happy, fun, confident and playful pup who is excellent with children and loves being around other dogs as well. 

    Age: 1 year
    Weight: 5 lbs

  • Jenna

    Jenna is an exotic beauty that is bound to steal your heart. She is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She comes right in looking for hugs and kisses. Jenna is also a smart girl, knows her basic commands and adjusts easily to new environments. She's quite athletic, great ball dog and loves playing with other compatible dogs. Jenna does have a prey drive, so no cats or small animals should share a home with her. She's a total love and really worth meeting!

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 52 lbs.

  • Ali

    Ali, also affectionately known as ‘Angel’ is pure sweetness.  She’s a 3 year old, 60 pound Lab mix with a classic Lab personality.  Ali is just happy all the time. She’s friendly with everyone she meets, oh so loving and very affectionate. She was rescued off the streets of Mexico with a severe leg injury and the leg could not be saved.  But being a tripod has not slowed Ali down in any way.  This beautiful girl has been through a lot, but you’d never know that she’d seen any hardship in her life. Her happy-go-lucky disposition makes her a great fit for almost any home.  Are you ready to meet Ali?

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Fred

    Fred is a handsome black and white Great Dane mix. He may be beautiful on the outside, but he does have some emotional scars from abuse he suffered in his previous home. Fred needs a special person that will give him the time, patience and love to slowly earn his trust. But believe us, that time will be well worth it as Fred is an amazing dog with a huge capacity to love. He has already bonded with his rescuer, so we can see first hand what a loyal companion Fred will be. He will be your best friend if you take the time to bring make him feel secure and loved. The world seems a little big to him right now, so a quiet home, where he can be your one and only, would be more suitable. He really does have a soft and charming personality. If you’re that special someone who can focus on Fred’s future, to erase his past, then he’d sure like to meet you.  

    Age: 4 years
    Weight: 80 lbs (should be 90 lbs)

  • Randy

    Randy is a sweet little guy who is recovering from a skull fracture after being abused.  We're happy he's in our care and getting lots of TLC, and now he's ready for a home of his own. He's a pint-sized Chihuahua at 4 pounds a with big personality. He’s got some spunk and he’s unbelievably cute. Given his small stature, he would be better in a home with older kids. If you’re looking for a good cuddler, Randy is for you. He needs someone gentle, to nurture his physical and emotional wounds.

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 4 pounds

  • Wynonna

    Wynonna is absolutely adorable! She's a wired hair Terrier and Dachshund mix, and will be approximately 25 pounds full grown. At just 4 months, she's one smart cookie. Already knows how to use a doggie door in her foster home, walks on leash and loves hanging out with other dogs. She's very sweet and is your typical happy-go-lucky puppy!

    Age: 4 months
    Weight: 25 lbs full grown

  • Beetle

    Beetle is an adorable 7 pound wire hair Terrier mix. If your dog or kids need a new best friend, Beetle is your guy. He can happily fit into almost any household. Beetle is goofy, silly and friendly with everyone he meets. And did we mention how sweet and affectionate he is? Are you ready for some Beetle love?

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 7 pounds

  • Pele

    This little girl is going to steal some hearts! Pele is a 4 month old Schnauzer mix, that will likely be 20-25 pounds full grown. He's a delightful puppy who's getting lots of socialization in his foster home. Pele is sweet, playful and cuddly. She’s the total puppy package.

    Age: 4 months
    Weight: 20-25 lbs full grown

  • Rafael

    Rafael is a charmer! This wire hair Terrier mix is such a handsome and soulful dog. He’s so mellow, sweet and gentle, that he’d easily fit into almost any home. He might be a bit aloof when you first meet him, but warms up quickly and will show you his goofy and happy side in a matter of minutes. Rafael really has an adorable personality and he’s quite easy going. He’ll get along with all dogs and probably cats as well. Be prepared to fall in love with Rafael!

    Age: 7 years
    Weight: 32 pounds

  • Paloma

    Paloma is a sweet and high energy white Terrier mix. She’s fun and spunky, and has a strange affinity for ankles! Maybe she thinks she’s a herding dog, but clearly Paloma needs someone that’s committed to training and understanding her quirks. Paloma is really adorable, loves playing with toys, and full of life. We know she has amazing potential with the right person by her side. Can that be you?

    Age: 2 years
    Weight: 25 pounds

  • Carla

    Look at that face!  Carla is a petite Poodle mix, weighing in at only 6 pounds.  She can be a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly.  She’s always looking for someone to hold her and attaches quickly. Although sweet and friendly, Carla has a reserved side and would do well in a calm home environment.  When you meet Carla, you will see how she’ll melt in your arms.

    Age: 5 years
    Weight: 6 pounds

  • Catalina

    This little lady is sweet, refined and gentle…but still spunky and fun. Catalina is an 11 pound curly coated Border Terrier mix who is recovering from skin treatment. She’s a beauty, inside and out. Catalina loves playing with her dog friends at Muttopia, and is likely gentle enough for kids and perhaps cats. If you’re looking for a small easy-going pup who is totally endearing, then you’ll want to meet Catalina. 

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 11 pounds

  • Rita

    Rita is an amazingly sweet dog, considering that life has not always been easy for her.  Rescued off the streets of Mexico, she was covered in mange, thin and overbred. But look at her now, she’s the picture of health and happiness, ready for a loving companion or family.  Rita is a small 2 year old Mastiff and Lab mix.  She’s easy going, mellow, gentle and very friendly. She’s great with other dogs, loves kids and is an overall wonderful dog.  If Rita sounds like a good ‘fit’ for you, then she’d love to meet you. 

    Age: 3 years
    Weight: 38 pounds

  • Chico

    Chico is one of those small dogs that thinks he’s a big dog!  He’s got some great spunk, loves playing with dogs of all sizes — but when he’s tired himself out, he’s looking for a warm lap.  Chico loves to snuggle and will expect to sleep softly right next to his person. He’s always up for a hike or neighborhood walk and does well on leash with a harness.  Off leash, you might have a hard time keeping up with him:)  Chico is good with cats, but no bunnies or chickens for this little guy.  Who’s ready to scoop up Chico?

    Age: 6 months
    Weight: 8 lbs full grown