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Superbowl Surg-athon!

All day volunteer surgical event to help 6 homeless dogs with incredible stories

On Super bowl Sunday, we weren’t sitting around watching the big game – we were working hard to help some of our most special rescue dogs get the surgeries they needed.

A group of a dozen volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and support folks came together and spent a long, 12-hour day providing top-notch surgical care to 6 of our rescue dogs.

Each of our patients have overcome so much and surgeries represented the final hurdle for these sweet souls. Now, they are ready to find loving homes and live the lives they deserve.

Check out each of their stories:

  • Mabel


    Sweet Mable was rescued from a hoarding situation in the Central Valley. She was emaciated and had an old injury to her eye that was causing her pain, along with some mammary masses.

    Mable underwent removal of her eye, along with chest x-rays to evaluate her heart murmur, and mammary mass removals. She is recovering in foster, but does already have an interested adopter!

  • Chikilin


    This three-pound hero was brought into our clinic after reportedly falling from a roof two years prior. He had a fractured jaw along with a badly injured leg, which sadly never received any care

    Chikilin underwent surgical removal of his leg, along with part of his jaw. He also had lots of infected teeth taken out of his mouth.

    He is recovering in foster and also has an interested adopter already!

  • Nicolas


    Sweet Nicolas was found in Mexico starving with severe mange and a bad skin infection, pneumonia, and a severe anemia from tick-borne disease. He also had an old injury to his rear leg that was painful and not repairable.

    Nicolas had his injured leg removed and was neutered. He is doing great and is getting ready to find his new home soon!

  • Zoe


    This gorgeous gal was brought into our good friends at Fresno Humane in terrible condition. Starving, matted, and with a bad skin infection. She also had a uterine infection and multiple mammary masses, along with chronic ear infections.

    She underwent chest x-rays, spay, and mammary mass removal plus an ear flush. She is doing great and will be ready to find her new home very soon!

  • Chana


    Chana was brought into our clinic in Mexico after being severely beaten. She had wounds to her eye and mouth, along with a broken rib.

    She has been recovering for several months and underwent surgery to remove her injured eye and fractured teeth, and to repair a hole that had been made in the roof of her mouth from the beating.

    She’s recovering like a champ and never looking back. Her resilience is remarkable and we are going to make sure every day forward is filled with nothing but safety and love for this special girl.

  • Don Felipe

    Don Felipe:

    Don Felipe was found starving on the streets, blind, and living on a trash pile in Mexico.

    We have been recovering him for several months. Finally stable enough for surgery and thriving, he underwent a neuter and hip x-rays. He will be making his way to his adopter in a couple of weeks!